British couple found hanged and blindfolded in Cambodia flat

A young British married couple have been found hanged with their bodies 'blindfolded, bound and gagged' in their rented Cambodian apartment.

Robert Wells, 36, from Sunderland, and his wife Imogen Goldie, 28, from Camberwell, in south London, had moved to the seaside town of Sihanoukville, southern Cambodia.

Their hands were reportedly found tied behind their back and their mouths gagged.

Friends of the pair are believed to have discovered their bodies on December 31 - Imogen's birthday, according to friends.

Cambodian newspapers have reported their landlord as saying they were due to leave their rented room on December 29 but had experienced money problems.

Local media have reported they were found with an apparent suicide note blaming the NHS for their mental health problems.

Graphic photographs purporting to be of their bodies hanged in the apartment have been circulating on Cambodian news websites and forums.

They show their eyes blindfolded, their mouths gagged and their hands tied together behind their backs.

The photos were published alongside pictures of the couple's passports and an apparent suicide note.

The note appears to have been left alongside contact details for relatives back in the United Kingdom.

Major General Narin of Sihanoukville Police said the case was under investigation.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: "We are in contact with local authorities following the deaths of two British Nationals in Cambodia and are ready to support their families at this extremely difficult time."

In the note pictured, the couple said: "Alternatively, you could save on shipping and have the cremation done here in Sihanoukville.

"It's a beautiful place and we never wanted to leave, but we understand and this will be the choice of our family.

"We are sorry, but hopefully we will find peace from depression, bi-polar, Aspergers and the NHS which has constantly let us down.

"We love you all and hope that memories will take the place of tears, but we are going to be in a better place - either a peaceful oblivion without bad dreams, but who knows, we may find each other again."

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Imogen's dad Mark Goldie posted on Facebook: "With deepest regrets and unbearable sadness I received the tragic news that my daughter Imogen left this world on her birthday 2 days ago.

"A singer songwriter who was far too sensitive for this world.

"She struggled to cope with its harshness and finally gave up.

"She was only only 28. I cannot find the words at the moment."

Imogen's mother, Diane, has launched a crowd funding page to help her get to Cambodia.

Credits: Flickr / Axel Drainville

Flickr / Axel Drainville

"After the tragic news that my daughter was found dead on her 28th birthday by suicide in Cambodia, I'm looking to raise the funds quickly to help raise airfare to take her sister there to cremate her and bring her ashes home," she wrote on the crowd funding page.

"This cruel system failed both my daughter and her husband, Robert , leaving them to find solutions to their mental health issues by their own hands .

"Will you help me bring my baby back home please?"

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Imogen was a musician around London and friends paid tribute to her talent in post on social media tonight.

John Lee Bird, an artist from London, said: "Devastated. Art/music/talent/beauty. RIP darling heart."

Siouxsie Wild, of London, posted on Facebook: "Just hearing about Robert Wells and Imogen. Such tragic news RIP. I hope you find peace together."

Adele King, of Swindon, said: "Too soon for two shining lights - Devastated."

Ian Elic Kamran said: "Overcome with complete sadness and devastated to the core to learn that the wonderful, beautiful Imogen Saskia Goldie has passed away!

"I am very grateful to have been so close to this special human being for the past ten years of my life.

"Thank you for allowing me to experience and appreciate your creative genius so closely.

"Thank you also for the uncontrollable laughter we shared, the warmth, affection, the closeness and understanding you have shown me and most of all so grateful for the transcendent love!

"To say I will miss you doesn't even come close to describing the numbness I feel in my heart!

"Imogen passed away on 31st of December on her birthday.

"Everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her knew what a beautiful and special soul she was! Sending all my love to everyone affected by this devastating loss wishing you strength and courage as we face the shock and grief!

"Love you forever Neggu!"

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