Biker and 4x4 driver clash in shocking road rage incident


A motorcyclist came to blows with the driver of a Range Rover in a shocking road rage incident in London.

The footage was uploaded on 27 December by biker Omar Marjan, who was wearing a camera mounted to his helmet when the attack took place.

It begins with Marjan pulling up behind the Range Rover, which starts reversing towards him. He beeps his horn to let the driver know he's there, then passes.

The driver waves him on, but after Marjan pulls in front the 4x4 rams him from behind. The driver then got out of his vehicle and attacked Marjan, the biker claims.

According to the video's description, the police were called and eyewitnesses corroborated his story. He says he is making a claim against the Range Rover driver's insurance policy.

The police were called but did not take action.