The Fixer: Carpetright complaint

Jess Bown
The Fixer: Carpetright complaint
The Fixer: Carpetright complaint

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Dear Fixer,

I placed an online order for some vinyl flooring and adhesive spray from Carpetright on October 11. I also booked for the flooring to be installed in the bathroom at my flat.

I had to chase the order several times before finally being given a date in late November, only for it to be cancelled on the day due to the fitter being off work.

This was annoying as I had arranged to have that day off, meaning I had to ask my elderly parents to deal with the fitter when he eventually came a few days later.

When I got home from work that day and saw the standard of the fitting, I was appalled.

The flooring bubbles up in several places and has not been properly fitted in the doorway, but my complaints to Carpetright seem to be falling on deaf ears. Can you help?

G Halpin, London

Dear Ms Halpin,

Following my intervention, Carpetright apologises for the poor standard of the fitting and has agreed to reorder and refit the flooring free of charge.

The work will be done in January by a trained specialist at a time convenient to you.

The Fixer

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