The Fixer: taxi troubles

The Fixer: taxi troubles
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Dear Fixer,

I booked a taxi with Addison Lee in June this year. I was told it would arrive in 29 minutes, but then waited more than an hour.

By the time the driver arrived, I had decided to wait in a cafe where I had ordered a drink. I then had to wait to pay for said drink so I could go to the meeting point, which was outside St Pancras station.

The driver charged me an extra £8.50 for this waiting time and told me it was "irrelevant" how long I had waited for him.

I complained to Addison Lee and was told that the waiting charges were legitimate.

However, I remain upset at having to pay when I had to wait so long in the first place and the text telling me he was on his way only arrived minutes before I met him. Can you help?

J Brown, London

Dear Ms Brown,

Addison Lee offers customers five minutes of free waiting time as standard. After that, charges generally apply.

According to the company's records, your booking was made to come as soon as possible at 19.24pm. It informed you that there would be a delay at 19.38pm, before sending a driver who arrived at 20.07pm.

The driver says that he sent a text on arrival, which your phone records show did not arrive until 20.26pm - four minutes before you found the driver at the agreed meeting point.

The problem therefore appears to have been the driver's text message failing to get through straight away.

In light of this, Addison Lee has now agreed to offer you your next journey on the house by way of recompense.

The Fixer

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