Teens break into London Zoo and film themselves with animals

Teens break into London Zoo and film themselves with animals

A group of teens sneaked into London Zoo at night and filmed themselves as they wandered around the site hours after tourists had left.

They can be seen climbing around a penguin enclosure and looking for the tiger area in the video that we first spotted at The Sun.

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While they didn't find any big cats, they did come across a pen containing cows, sheep, goats and llama. One of the boys even got bitten by a llama.

Ally Law uploaded the footage to YouTube with the caption: "We managed to sneak into London Zoo for a few hours before 13 police officers came to crack down on our fun..."

The group are soon spotted by a security guard who warns them they shouldn't be in there, and that they are actually scaring the animals, even if they don't realise it.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a London Zoo spokeswoman confirmed that the group broke into the zoo on the night of 21 December, and that the Met Police were called to the scene.

She explained that the boys had climbed a locked fence into the children's zoo area, and that they were all given civil offences fines.

The spokesperson added: "ZSL London Zoo takes the security and welfare of its animals and visitors seriously and would always seek the assistance of the police for an incident such as this."

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