Meet the last surviving Hollywood dynasty

With Billie Lourd currently starring in Scream Queens, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were welcoming a third generation into their actress dynasty before they both tragically died this week.

The deaths of the former Star Wars actress and Singin' In The Rain star has led to a discussion about other Hollywood dynasties.

That leads us to actresses Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and Dakota Johnson who have been dubbed the last surviving Hollywood dynasty.

Tippi and Alfred
Tippi and Afred Hitchcock (Jean Jacques Levy/AP)

Tippi started acting a few years after Debbie but, by the 1960s had been rocketed to fame after the success of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

By that time she had already given birth to Melanie with her first husband Peter Griffith. Melanie rose to prominence during the 1980s when she gave birth to Dakota Johnson - who has herself since gone onto international stardom with her role in Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Speaking to Vanity Fair about the dynasty earlier this month, Tippi said the three generations "never" exchange acting tips, adding: "Isn't that interesting?".

Dakota Johnson (Joel Ryan/AP)

Melanie said: "The three generations just made me think about Mum, born in 1930, and me, in the 50s, and Dakota, in the 80s. The progression of life is really beautiful."

Asked if they would all work in the same film together, Melanie suggested each could play the same woman in different stages of her life, which Dakota called "interesting".

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