This woman shared her lifetime admiration of Carrie Fisher in a touching tribute that will melt your heart

The death of Carrie Fisher has left a hole in many of her fans' hearts. As tributes from across the globe flood in following the news of the actress' passing, one woman shared her lifetime admiration of Carrie Fisher in a touching tribute on Twitter.

Christina Groom, from Florida, has been an admirer of Carrie for as long as she can remember. Over her lifetime, she's dressed up as Carrie's iconic character Princess Leia on numerous occasions, and has now shared a collage of photos in honour of the actress.

Her love for the actress began after watching Star Wars: A New Hope when she was just a little girl.

Christina as a child dressed as Princess Leia
Christina dressed in a handmade Princess Leia costume for Halloween (Christina Groom/PA)

As a child she frequently used to dress up as Princess Leia, even growing out her hair so she could learn how to do the elaborate hair styles the character wore in the films.

Christina with Princess Leia-inspired hair
Christina with her Empire Strikes Back inspired hair during a recent birthday trip to Disneyworld (Christina Groom/PA)

Christina's respect for Carrie grew as she got older, not only as an actor but as a writer and mental health advocate - a completely separate person to the iconic character Christina had loved so much as a little girl.

Christina as Princess Leai
Christina at a Star Wars Celebration V, while waiting for the Carrie Fisher panel (Christina Groom/PA)

Christina, now an actress and writer, didn't just admire the actress from behind a screen, she was fortunate enough to see her in person during her appearances at the Star Wars Celebration conventions.

"I simply adored the fact that she frequently took the stage barefoot with her dog Gary in tow, entirely comfortable in her own skin, not afraid to be herself," she told us.

Christina as Princess Leia
Christina dressed as Princess Leia for a neighbourhood 5km run (Christina Groom/PA)

As many mourn the loss of the iconic actress - who passed away in hospital on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack days before - Christina admitted she struggling to come to terms with her death.

"She was not only a childhood hero, she was an inspiration to me as an adult as well, and she continues to be, even though she is gone."

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