Unwanted gift? Do you know your rights to return?

Unwanted gifts? Do you know your rights to return?

Giving and receiving presents at Christmas is all part of the fun, but sometimes it goes wrong.

Perhaps you bought a gift for someone that didn't fit or was broken, or (worst of all) maybe you received something you just didn't want. If that happens, then you'll want to get your money back or exchange it for something else. But can you?

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Your right to return

If you bought something which was faulty, or even if you just changed your mind, you have a lot of protection, although there are strict time limits to get a refund.

There are of course many terms and conditions when you want to return items, but some key rules are:

  • You've 14 days to return most things bought online
  • Shops don't have to give you a refund if you've changed your mind, though many do
  • If you've bought something worth more than £100 on credit card you've extra protection via something called Section 75

Returning a gift

Things are more complicated if you want to return a gift because you need proof of purchase, which you probably won't have.

If the item is faulty then you can just ask the person who gave it to you for the receipt, assuming they kept it.

But if it is something you don't like, or just don't want then you might be too embarrassed to ask. In this case you are going to struggle to be able to send it back.

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