People camp out in cold for rare whiskey

Rosie Vare

Would you camp out in the freezing cold for a bottle of whiskey?

Well, that's exactly what people in Denver, Colorado did for a bottle or two of Stranahan's Snowflake whiskey.

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It's a special whiskey that master distiller Whiskey Rob releases once a year during the festive season.

The whiskey is kept in special barrels for two years to cultivate its taste and is different every year, really making them one of a kind.

The bottles can only be purchased in person and cost $100 (£80) each. Whiskey Rob himself, Rob Deitrich, told Munchies: "I always try to out Snowflake Snowflake every year."

"That's what we do as Americans - we break traditions and make traditions."

Only 1,400 bottles of the latest snowflake whiskey, Crestone Peak were produced for 2016.