Would you spend more than £60 on a burger?

Rosie Vare

One bistro in Russia's Krasnodar has started offering very rare and delicious treat that only oligarchs can afford.

Welcome to Yoburg, where head chef Ivan Tretiyakov prepares exotic and expensive burgers topped with real table-leaf gold.

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If you have an extreme case of the munchies and $80 (£63) that you don't know how to spend, then the gold-topped burger is the perfect way to sate your hunger.

However, if you want to eat like King Midas, you have to pre-order the burger at least two days in advance and pay in cash.

However, if you want want a burger that features marbled beef, chunks of red king crab, caviar, and gold, you won't find a comparable sandwich anywhere else in the world.

The burger is served to customers on a velvet pillow with a flute of champagne on the side and is truly a dish fit for a king.

Would you fork over $80 to try the gold-topped burger?