Diners queue for 'world's cheapest' Michelin-starred restaurant

Rosie Vare

New Yorkers brave the cold to wait in long lines for a spot at East Village's Tim Ho Wan, the 'world's cheapest' Michelin-star restaurant that opened its first U.S. location Friday.

Pix11 reported that people had been waiting more than four hours to get into the restaurant.

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One customer said: "I waited for about four hours, but it's still worth the wait because I went to the same shop in Hong Kong before.

"The food is exactly the same and the service was really good."

Tim Ho Wan is famous already in Hong Kong but now New Yorkers have a chance to taste the fare too.

The restaurant serves very simple but traditional dim sum, exactly how you would find it in Hong Kong.

One of the main attractions to the restaurant apart from the food is the price.

The dishes range in price from $3.75 to $5.50 (£3 - £4.45).

The reviews have been good so far with one woman saying: "The food was delicious, mouth-watering. We waited hours for a table and it was worth it."

If you don't want to spend hours waiting around outside in the cold, there's a solution.

Once you take your place in line, a member of staff will come and take your phone number and then get in touch with you when your table is ready.