Oldest gorilla in the US celebrates her 60th birthday

Colo the gorilla celebrates milestone at Columbus Zoo


The oldest living gorilla in the US is celebrating her 60th birthday.

Colo marked the big occasion with a bash at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium as hundreds of people gathered to sing Happy Birthday to her.

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Colo was the first gorilla in the world born in a zoo. She's a mother of three, grandmother of 16, great grandmother of 12 and great great grandmother of three.

In the wild, gorillas can normally live up to around 40 years old.

Columbus Zoo celebrated the gorilla's momentous birthday with a host of pictures and videos on their Facebook page, writing: "Happy Birthday, Colo! At 60 years old, the Queen of the Columbus Zoo has a bigger family and circle of friends than most of us.

"Part of that circle includes the keepers and veterinary staff that have given her the long, healthy life she enjoys in our Congo Expedition region.

You can become part of Colo's circle of closest friends AND pay homage to her world-class care by symbolically Adopting Colo.

"All funds will go towards feeding the Grande Dame her favourite treats, like tomatoes, and support the great care at our zoo.

Visit Give.ColumbusZoo.org/Adopt and choose the Western Lowland Gorilla to adopt Colo and be part of her historic birthday!"

Colo even had birthday video messages from the likes of golfer Jack Nicklaus, Betty White, and TV star Henry Winkler (aka The Fonz).

And a big Happy Birthday from us at Aol Travel, too.

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