Joy under fire for sexist Christmas email

Rosie Vare

Company heads at retailer Joy are not going to be having a happy holidays this year.

The brand came under fire after sending out an allegedly sexist email about meeting the parents.

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The message urged women to "show your boyfriend's mum you're the girl to take care of her little prince in beautiful dresses that scream marriage material."

The company also included a sexual suggestive line writing: "Father-in-law won't have a heart attack when you lean across the table."

When it comes to the risky advertising - Social Media comments are mixed - one user commenting: "This isn't the 1950s and women wear your clothing to look smart at work, not bag a man and get married. Grow up."

Yet others posting in support of the brand with one user saying: "There is nothing wrong with being marriage material. Everybody who is complaining should really reevaluate themselves."

According to Refinery 29's UK branch - the shop also recently had a sign in its window front that read: "Why is Santa always so jolly?" With the answer: "He knows where all the bad girls live."