Elephants file animal cruelty law suit against Argentina zoo

Three elephants named Mara, Kuki and Pupi have officially filed a lawsuit against the Buenos Aires Zoo, where they currently reside, claiming that their quality of life there amounts to animal cruelty.

Well, to put it more accurately, their lawyer, Andres Gil Rodriguez, has been allowed to state these claims on behalf of his clients by the court, but the elephants really are suing the zoo for animal cruelty.

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The argument is that the elephants could have a much better life at an elephant sanctuary had they not been held captive by the zoo for profit.

Ever since a 2014 ruling which declared that an orangutan has the same rights as humans, they actually might win.

Rosario Espina, Director of Biodiversity of Eco Park, said: "When we look at the park one of the diagnoses is that there is an overload of animals.

"There are many animals and in order to ensure their well-being they need an availability of square metres that they do not have right now.

"They are not animals that can be released to their natural environment.

"In that sense it is important to understand that if the complaint is for mistreatment, and if the mistreatment is captivity, then it cannot be solved with these elephants that have been in captivity for some time."

Andres Gil Dominguez said: "In a wide range of animal rights protection we are currently representing the elephants, that are in the Eco Park of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires trying to guarantee their rights by reaching the greatest possible option for their well-being."

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