Here's what Santa would drive if he didn't have reindeer


It's an odd hypothetical situation, we know, but what would Santa Claus do if his reindeer fell sick or decided to go on strike one Christmas?

That's exactly the question the guys at car buying site Carwow found themselves debating recently, so they fired up Photoshop to imagine what weird and wonderful vehicles Santa would drive on his trip around the world.

As he travels the globe eating mince pies and handing out presents, Father Christmas encounters a variety of different environments, so Carwow designed a car for each.

Here’s what Santa would drive if he didn’t have reindeer

Here’s what Santa would drive if he didn’t have reindeer

To take on mountainous terrain, a Porsche 959 wearing snow tracks should do the trick, inspired by the Paris to Dakar rally version from the 80s. For deserts, a Lamborghini Huracan on raised suspension and knobbly tyres would conquer even the largest sand dunes.

The African plains are home to some of the most remote villages on Earth, so finding something suitably rugged was the challenge here. A Jeep Wrangler is a great starting point, though we're not sure the lowered suspension will do it any favours off road.

A particular highlight is the Ferrari F40 converted for use in jungle rivers. The flat-bottomed hull gives the car an odd new look, but we love the pair of outboard Ferrari motors attached to the rear of the vehicle.

Check out the gallery above to see the full list of Santa-modified cars!