Footage shows selfless bystanders pulling man from burning car wreck

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a crowd of selfless bystanders leapt to the aid of a man trapped in a burning car.

The man's vehicle had reportedly careered off the road in Texas on Sunday, landing in a ditch where it burst into flames.
The driver was trapped in the vehicle, and unable to escape when the four brave bystanders jumped into action.

In the footage, recorded by Talha Erer, three of them are seen furtively attempting to open the car doors.

A fourth man then rushes over and, taking a stick from another, begins to frantically hit the window.

The glass soon shatters and the men manage to pull the driver out of his car and to safety.

As the bystanders reassure the driver, the silver saloon is engulfed in flames.

The driver was taken to Houston hospital with broken bones following the crash, however the brave rescuers are said to have left the scene before law enforcement arrived.

Officer Jason Wells from the Pearland Police Department told ABC13: "It was potentially dangerous for the rescuers to jump in but they did and moved that driver to safety.

"Without these folks helping the driver at that time, it could have been catastrophic."
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