Are these Britain's oldest Christmas decorations?

UK's Oldest Chrstmas decorations
UK's Oldest Chrstmas decorations

Geoffrey Squire has been hanging what he believes could be the oldest set of Christmas decorations in the country. The lights are an impressive 70-years-old, while the ornaments were bought to celebrate the end of the First World War, and are 98-years-old.

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80-year-old Reverend Squire, from Barnstaple in Devon, told the Exeter Express and Echo that he hadn't really considered how unusual it was to have such old decorations, and that he'd love to be able to give them to a museum after his death.

Are they the oldest?

He has tough competition for the title of the oldest tree lights. The Rev Squire's lights are doing well - he told the Daily Mail that there's even one spare bulb left if one of them doesn't make it through the festive season. However, Ray Liverton, an 87-year old retiree from Swimbridge in Devon, is also in contention for the title of the country's oldest lights, as his dad bought him a set of 12 lights in 1946 - and they are still going strong.

He definitely doesn't have the oldest single decoration in the country, as Annabel Smith, a 77-year-old from Leeds, revealed in 2010 that she had a glass bauble dating from 1870. It had been a gift for her grandfather when he was a baby - although it's not known whether that bauble made it through to this Christmas in one piece.

Meanwhile, the title for the oldest artificial tree belongs to Janet Parker of Chippenham, whose 30cm high tree was bought from Woolworths for her great aunt in 1886. It's fair to say that the value of the tree appears to be largely sentimental - rather than any similarity to an actual tree.

But what do you think? Do you have ancient family decorations you dig out of the loft each year? Have you ever considered just how old they are? Could you have a record breaker on your hands? Let us know in the comments.