Crushwatch scheme helped return over £7.75m of uninsured cars


More than £7.75m-worth of uninsured vehicles were saved from the crusher and police auctions in November.

The statistics come from a UK-wide scheme called CrushWatch, which is run by vehicle history check specialists HPI.

When the police pull over a driver who doesn't have insurance, their vehicle is confiscated. The cars are then sent to police auctions or, in extreme cases, to the crusher.

Many of these vehicles are actually owned by finance and leasing companies that would previously lose out when this happened, but CrushWatch works to give such vehicles back to their rightful owner.

CrushWatch scheme helped return over £7.75m of uninsured cars

CrushWatch scheme helped return over £7.75m of uninsured cars

Last year, the initiative helped to return vehicles worth £65 million, but 2016's figure is expected to eclipse that.

HPI has also revealed the most expensive cars to be saved from the crusher last month. Top of the list was a £124,100 Lamborghini Huracan 610-4, which was confiscated by Leicestershire Constabulary.

The top 10 list, which can be seen in full by viewing the gallery above, is dominated by Range Rovers with eight making the list. Aside from the large number of 4x4s, a £55,900 Bentley Continental GTC confiscated by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary also featured.

The police forces that turned over the highest value of uninsured cars included Merseyside Police, Police Scotland and West Yorkshire Police. However, the Metropolitan Police turned over the highest value of cars by a long way at £2,701,650.

Barry Shorto, head of industry relations at HPI, said: "HPI CrushWatch continues to play a crucial role in getting to grips with uninsured drivers on UK roads.

"Through our ongoing collaborations with UK police forces we are aiming to help the leasing and finance sector and ensure dealing with the problem remains a significant priority."