Why people always give unsatisfying gifts

Rosie Vare

A study at Carnegie Mellon University may have found the answer to buying the perfect Christmas present.

Seeing as well all know this is no easy feat, could it revolutionise gift giving during the festive period?

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So, what's the catch? According to the study we are focusing too heavily on the short-term satisfaction of the gifts we buy.

We should, in fact, be thinking more about the longevity of the presents we buy.

According to NBC New, one method for avoiding bad gift giving is to think about how the gift will be used, rather than thinking about what it represents.

This might just take the pressure off a little bit!

So instead of spending your hard earned cash on the latest gag gift out there or on a pricey food hamper that will be gone in days, think more about the long-term impact of your present.

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