Illustrations show most popular words used to describe cities

Rosie Vare

Ever wondered what the most tweeted words in the world's most popular cities are?

Well now travel website has created pictures of some of the world's most iconic cities and assembled them by using the most used words on Twitter and hottest topics of conversation in that place.

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After analysing 1000 tweets from the cities of Barcelona, London, New York, Sydney, Milan, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro, the results are quite interesting.

In the United States, New York City's most popular word was 'community', followed by 'love', 'alive', 'famous', 'celebrity' and 'fashion'.

It won't come as a surprise to Brits that in London the words 'parliament' and 'Brexit' were most dominating in tweets, followed by 'taxes', 'iconic' and 'design'.

Argentinian soccer player and Barcelona's club player Lionel Messi led Barcelona's most tweeted word.

Other popular words were 'restaurant', 'bar' and 'architecture' which, with Gaudi's work throughout the city. comes as no surprise.

Italy's fashion city of Milan had of course the words fashion and art as the most popular ones.

Words 'bonanza', 'wild' and 'inspired' were most popular when describing Sydney followed by 'health' and business.

And no better words can describe the city of lights, Paris - 'love', 'life' and 'beautiful'.