Driver leaves expletive-laden note after hitting parked car in front of onlookers

An Australian driver who shunted another car left an expletive-filled note on the vehicle's windscreen because 'someone was watching'.

Nayte L Howarth posted photos of the note on Facebook, after spotting it at 5.15pm on Sunday afternoon under the windscreen wiper of a Jeep Wrangler Sport, parked in Green Square near the Sydney suburb of Mascot.
The guilty driver appears to have checked the impact area and found no damage, yet felt compelled to leave the note in front of onlookers.

The note reads: "Sorry I hit your car, there's no scratches but someone was watching me."

"Your car's sh** anyway. Shouldn't of blocked me in. Learn how to park c*** xx."

Posting two photos, of the note and the car, Howarth wrote 'OMG SYDNEY!!! Just saw this - I took this pic."

This isn't the first time a driver has pretended to leave contact details following a shunt.

In October New Zealand paramedic, Hannah Sheath, received a similarly rude message from a driver who had used a driveway to perform a U-turn, and clipped her 1995 Honda CR-V in the process.

"Sorry I pulled into your St John driveway to complete a U-turn when I hit your car," the note read.

"I have only left a message because someone witnessed me bumping into your car. It's a piece of sh** anyway so you won't notice the dent.

"Also you need to clean out your car. Maybe if you parked not on yellow lines I would have missed your car."

To add insult to injury, the driver signed off with a 'sorry' and a smiley face.
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