Police break into car to rescue mannequin

Roshina Jowaheer

Police in America attempted to rescue an old lady who appeared to be trapped in a car but after smashing the window, they discovered it was actually a mannequin.

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Hudson Police Department has received a call from a passer-by who reported seeing a woman "frozen to death" inside the parked car in the city of Hudson.

A police spokesperson told ABC News: "Officers arrived minutes later and observed an elderly woman seated in the passenger seat wearing an oxygen mask.

"She was not moving and was unresponsive. It was bitterly cold, (around 8 degrees) and the car had snow cover, indicating it may have been parked there overnight."

They were forced to break the window but soon realised that the woman was in fact a mannequin.

"An HPD Sergeant broke the rear passenger window and opened the door to discover it was an extremely realistic life-sized mannequin," Hudson Police Department said.

The mannequin had clothing, glassed, teeth and even age marks on her face.

ITV News reports that when the owner of the car arrived, he said that he works for a company that makes medical training aids and devices.

Police said he will not face any charges.