'Broody' Michelle Keegan says marriage to Mark Wright is going really well, thanks

They tied the knot in an idyllic ceremony last year, and Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright appear to still be in the heady first throes of wedded bliss.

The former Coronation Street actress, who turns 30 next year, opened up about her relationship and said that she is "always broody" while batting down the relentless rumours of a love split.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, Michelle said that everything is fine and dandy in her marriage with the former TOWIE star.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright
Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright (Dominic Lipinski PA Archive/PA Images)

She's also keen to have kids, too, but not just yet.

Michelle said: "I'm always broody, but we're not planning anything.

"Both of us go through phases. I'm about to become an auntie again (to her stepbrother's child) so I'll get my baby fix when he or she is born next year."

Of the constant reports of Mark and Michelle's love story coming to an end, she said: "All the marriage reports are ridiculous.

"Our marriage is going really well. We're happy. I don't want to constantly say: 'We're happy, we're fine,' because why validate it? If we're happy, we're happy.

"But the press don't see that, and that's the sad thing."

Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan (David Mirzoeff PA Wire/PA Images)

Michelle spent months away from her husband while filming for BBC drama series Our Girl In South Africa, causing plenty of speculation that this could be the cause of a break up.

She was also linked to her co-star Luke Pasqualino and was spotted without her wedding ring on.

She said: "I'm not going to wear the ring for the role and I don't go home to get the ring just to put it on for press purposes," she explains.

"I didn't go to South Africa with my ring, and that was a joint decision with Mark. It wasn't me saying: 'I don't want to wear it.' I'd rather keep it at home where I know it's safe.

"I've only been married for a year and a half. I'm working away, so why can't it be celebrated that we're newly married and have our separate careers, but are still really strong?

"Why the negative spin?"

So there. You say it, sister!

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