Beware of Amazon scams this Christmas

Rosie Vare

I know it may seem like you're giving away all of your money while shopping around this festive season, but if you click around the wrong website, a scammer might take you to the cleaners!

Amazon shoppers are being targeted in a new batch of scam emails that say their recent order cannot be shipped.

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The email asks customers to confirm certain personal information or the user won't be able to access their account.

Then they get a link that takes them to a website that looks legitimate, but it's not.

And chances are you're too worried your order won't ship in time so you frantically fill everything out; including your credit card information.

After hitting save, the phony site even takes you back to Amazon's real homepage!

Problem is, you've just given away all of your information to someone who can barely form a complete sentence.

On a list of things to watch out for regarding suspicious emails, Amazon warns of typos or grammatical errors, as well as *any requests for username, password or personal info.

The retail giant also warns users not to open anything that doesn't come from an official email address, like @amazon. com.

Industry experts say the holidays are always prime time for scammers to strike because they know millions will be shopping online; anxiously awaiting their order confirmations, so randomly sending out emails increases their chances of making a payday off of an unsuspecting customer.