This is what a £24,000 Christmas jumper looks like

Rosie Vare

It's the time of year to bring out the ugly Christmas sweater, and 'Tipsy Elves' has the perfect sweater to blow your holiday budget.

Tipsy Elves, the Ecommerce website that has a variety of choices that best fit your Christmas sweater personality, just created a $30,000 (£24,000) sweater.

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Why does this festive shirt have such a huge price tag? It's made with 24,274 'individually placed' Swarovski crystals.

It also took 52 hours to create.

The iconic piece is considered a collectors item. It will be shipped to the buyer in a luxury box.

Some 'reviewers' made jokes in the comments: "Can someone from Tipsy Elves confirm the size of the shipping box this sweater comes in?"

Don't get too tipsy though in your $30,000 sweater you don't want to ruin the crystals!