The worst place to park in Britain is revealed

Car Park

A recent study, carried out by Privilege Car Insurance, found that Birmingham is the worst place to park in Britain, with the Midlands city having the poorest overall score when it comes to time spent looking for a space, prangs caused while trying to park and tickets dished out by wardens.

The same research found that miffed British motorists have to fork out an average of £2.6 million per year to repair the damage caused by 16 million parking mishaps.
The results confirmed that Burdened Brummies suffer the most damage to their cars, with the average driver experiencing a dented door or scraped paintwork three times in five years.

By comparison, drivers in Newcastle return to a motor with scuffed paintwork or a bump less than twice over five years.

To make matters worse, we are wasting three days of our lives each year hunting for that elusive parking spot. Based purely on time taken, the residents of Cardiff spend the longest time searching for a space, according to the research.

They drive around for 52 minutes each week – or the equivalent to 2.8 days a year on average. This compares to the national average of 40 minutes – or 2.2 days per year.

Cardiff is closely followed by Glasgow at 48 minutes, and Birmingham, where motorists spend an average of 47 minutes a week, or around two and a half days a year, as well as suffering the most regular car park damage.

Privilege Insurance spokesperson Charlotte Fielding said: "As technology, such as parking sensors and parking assistance, become increasingly standardised in our cars, we should hopefully start to see fewer parking prangs and incidents on our roads.

"Cold sweats about parallel parking, or reversing into a space in a busy car park will soon be but a memory for motorists, with all of our lives made easier and more stress free by these advancements."
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