Pilot makes unusual announcement on Southwest flight

Rosie Vare
Pilot makes unusual announcement on Southwest flight
Pilot makes unusual announcement on Southwest flight

Passengers on board a Southwest airlines flight were in for a surprise when the pilot made a rather out of the ordinary announcement.

Instead of telling them expected arrival time, or talking about turbulence the pilot congratulated the passengers on polishing off all the alcohol on board.

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That's right, they managed to drink every drop of booze that was on the plane!

The hilarious announcement was revealed after broadcast journalist Jimmy Durkin posted about the announcement on Twitter.

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He said: "Announcement on flight to Kansas City congratulates the entire aircraft for wiping them completely out of booze. Yep, it's a Raiders flight."

The flight, which was travelling between Oakland, California and Kansas, is understood to have had a lot of Oakland Raiders football team fans on board.

Durkin was quick to confirm that it wasn't actually the team that were on board the flight drinking the alcohol.

Adding: "Thought most knew this, but I'm not on the team plane. Media doesn't fly with the team."

Luckily it looks like the plane was in good spirits during the flight with Durkin telling Fox News the passengers were 'not particularly rowdy'.