A shocking seven in 10 people stash Xmas presents in car

A woman driving a car filled with Christmas presents and a Christmas tree on top..To see more holiday images click on the link b

Car insurer Allianz has asked 1,000 Britons about their Christmas gift-stashing habits and the results are staggering.

Some 71 per cent of those polled say they would hide gifts in cars in the run-up to Christmas, while 51 per cent admit it's something they already do, despite the added risk of theft and car break-ins.More surprisingly, a previous study by the same insurance company found that us Brits hid an astonishing £2.4 billion worth of Christmas presents in their cars in 2012. It seems we haven't learned.

More than a quarter of people asked in this year's study admitted that they would keep presents worth more than £100 in their vehicle, while nine per cent said they'd do the same with gifts worth more than £200.

According to the insurer, it receives an average of 70 theft-from-vehicle notifications per month.

Andy Poppleton, head of motor, home and niche insurance at Allianz, told The Daily Mail drivers are not only in danger of not having any presents to handout on Christmas morning but could also face not being covered for expensive items as part of their existing policy.

"It's always hard at Christmas to keep presents hidden from loved ones and so it's unsurprising that many people view their car as a safe space," he said.

"However, with expensive technology and gadgets becoming more and more commonplace as gifts, the value of contents in cars is getting higher".

The advice from the insurance company is to never leave anything valuable in your car but if you have to, ensure they are placed in a locked glove box or boot, as leaving them on display could attract unwanted attention from thieves.
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