Street racing Lamborghini driver crashes in London

The moment a Lamborghini driver crashed in central London has been caught on camera.

Video recorded from the back seat of another car shows two vehicles racing between red lights. After accelerating hard for a second time, the Lamborghini driver keeps pushing even after his opponent has slowed.
The camera is then pointed forward as the incredibly rare Aventador SV hits its brakes for another red light. However, the driver leaves it too late to stop and crashes into the back of a Mercedes and a Vauxhall Astra.

Photos from the scene show the Lamborghini with damage to its front end, while the Vauxhall was considered a write-off. Eyewitnesses say that the young driver didn't appear to be too bothered about the damage to his car.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that there were no injuries in the crash, and that no arrests were made.

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