Price hikes of up to 50% in the wake of Brexit vote

Lego is latest to announce Brexit price rises

Lego has become the latest brand to announce it will be hiking prices 5% to account for the falling value of the pound against the euro since the summer. It's one of an alarming number of household names to hike prices in the wake of the Brexit vote.

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2. Marmite
This was the first high-profile brand to make the change, after Unilever reached a stalemate with Tesco over price rises and the supermarket said it would pull the products from its shelves. Eventually Unilever backed down to secure the Tesco deal, but other supermarkets have not had the same success, and prices have risen by as much as 12.5%

3. PG Tips
The Unilever price rise included a number of well known brands. Fortunately, a taste test conducted by AOL at the time of Marmitegate revealed that supermarket own brands offer excellent alternatives. Asda and Tesco outscored PG Tips on the test.

4. Hellmann's
Hellmann's mayonnaise is another Unilever brand that has risen in price. Again the positive news is that the taste test showed anyone worried by the price rise can try the Asda, Lidl and Aldi own brand mayo as impressive alternatives.

5. Comfort
Comfort is another victim of Unilever price rises. A study in November by MySupermarket found that in the months since the vote, the price of Comfort Concentrate Pure Fabric Conditioner was up almost 10%.

6. Magnum
You might not feel the pain of this Unilever price rise until the summer. However, the MySupermarket study showed that price rises were already in place by November - and the cost of four Magnum Classic Ice creams was up by an average of over 7%.

7. Walkers crisps
Hot on the heels of the Unilever row, Walkers announced it would be raising the price of crisps by 10% to take account of 'fluctuating exchange rates'. A standard bag will rise in price from 50p to 55p. It caused a row because the crisps are made in a British factory using British potatoes, but Walkers argued that the cost of importing seasonings, oil and packaging forced the price rise.

8. Bird's Eye
The firm has said it will have to make changes to take account of the pound's collapse. This could mean price rises of up to 12% or shrinking packaging sizes - whatever the company agrees with the supermarkets. It will hit everything from frozen peas to fish fingers and chicken nuggets.

9. Typhoo Tea
The company has said prices will rise an eye-watering 50% - claiming that the cost of importing a bag of tea has risen this much in a year and needs to be reflected in the price.

10. Toblerone
Technically Mondelez International managed to keep the price the same. However, this was only by causing controversy and changing the shape of the bars. It means less chocolate for the same price - which is every bit as bad as a price hike.

11. British Airways
Back in October, British Airways announced that the fall in the value of the pound had hit profits, and as a result the airline may have to raise prices

12. Mark Warner Holidays
People who have already booked package holidays have had to pay another £50 to take account of the fall in the value of the pound.

13. Apple Mac
There have been sizeable rises in prices since the Brexit vote, with the cost of the 13-inch MacBook Air rising from £849 to £949.

14. Microsoft
The computing giant has also announced price rises. These are yet to be finalised, but commentators have speculated that rises could be 20% or more.

15. Dell
Dell computers raised prices by 10% shortly after the vote - pointing out that given the slide of the pound, the move was unavoidable.

16. Electrolux
Products like washing machines and fridges made by the firm have risen in price by 10%.

17. Next
The clothing company announced in September that it would have to put prices up by 5%, as a result of the Brexit slide.

18. Ford
The car maker is among many in the industry announcing price rises, and with hikes of 1.5% across the range, it means your car could cost hundreds of pounds more as a result.

19. Holiday Inn
The Holiday Inn in Portsmouth says it won't be offering free towels to guests in the gym, as a cost-cutting measure to offset the effect of the falling pound.

20. Bananas
Back in November, it emerged that supermarkets had raised the price of bananas for the first time in five years, as a result of currency movements. Prices were up around 6%.

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