Kate wears yellow scarf as she joins Cub Scouts for 100th birthday celebrations


The Duchess of Cambridge has joined a group of Cub Scouts for a special party to celebrate a century of the youth movement.

She wore a yellow Cub scarf as she took part in a series of games in a bunting-decked Scout Hut, including one with a multi-coloured parachute.

A ball was placed on the parachute and the Duchess smiled as the group used teamwork to manoeuvre it around.

In another activity youngsters were asked to write something positive about themselves on a piece of card to be displayed, to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience.

The Duchess wrote: "I am good at... Bonfire Building."

She also helped to decorate birthday cupcakes with icing, took part in a trust game where youngsters leaned back and held each other up, and had a sling put on her arm to practise first aid.


Afterwards she thanked the young Cub Scout who put her sling on and exchanged a high five with him.

There was a special rendition of "happy birthday dear Cub Scouts" before the group renewed their Cub Scout Promise and 100 candles were lit.

The group of cubs, all from the King's Lynn area of Norfolk, met the Duchess at a Scout Hut in the village of North Wootton, near King's Lynn, on Wednesday.

After the Cubs thanked her, the Duchess said: "It's been a real treat for me as well to come to see all of you here and keep up the hard work because you're doing all the hard work helping other people, helping each other and things so keep it up, and happy Christmas to you all."

She was then presented with a bouquet of flowers, and gifts for George and Charlotte - a teddy bear in a Cub Scout outfit and one in a Beaver outfit.


The Duchess previously worked as a volunteer with a Cub Scout pack when she and the Duke of Cambridge lived in Anglesey, North Wales.

Organisers said the theme of the activities at the party was looking after yourself and others physically and emotionally.

Alex Peace-Gadsby, the Scout Association's Chief Commissioner for England, said: "We're thrilled that the Duchess has been able to join us as we celebrate the Cubs' 100th birthday.

"We have hundreds of events planned across the United Kingdom, with a chance for each and every one of our 150,000 Cubs to take part."

Cub Scouting was co-founded by Robert Baden-Powell and Vera Barclay in December 1916.

More than half a million people are involved in Scouting across the UK, including almost 160,000 Cub Scouts.

The official birthday of the Cub Scouts is on December 16, when thousands of Cubs across the country will be renewing their Cub Scout Promise.