Infuriating airline charges: These should be banned

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Airline extra fees at airport check-in
Airline extra fees at airport check-in

When an American airline recently announced plans to charge passengers for using the overhead lockers, we thought we'd take a look at some of the most ridiculous airline fees around. And we were spoilt for choice.

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United Airlines' new fee for passengers carrying hand luggage bigger than a small handbag which needs to be placed in an overhead locker has been widely criticised by travellers. What will they think of next as they try to squeeze every penny they can out of passengers?

Thought checking in for your flight at the airport was free? Think again: one airline will charge you £45 if you forget to check in online. And surely paying for your flight should be free? Not if you pay by credit card. The extra charges don't stop once you're on the flight either. Feeling chilly at 35,000ft could cost you if you ask for a blanket from some airlines.

Take a look at some of the most infuriating airline fees, from paying to choose your seat before you fly to printing your boarding pass at the airport.

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