Watch a Bentley Flying Spur roll out of control into a wall

This is the embarrassing moment the driver of a Bentley Flying Spur forgot to put her car's handbrake on, resulting in the expensive motor rolling down a ramp and crashing into a wall.

The unfortunate incident happened in an underground car park in Chongqing, China, and was caught on the dashcam of another motorist waiting to enter.
In the video, the unfortunate driver can be seen getting a ticket to enter the car park before realising her £150,000 limo was rolling away.

A local official explained what happened, saying: "Before getting out of the car to swipe into the car park, the driver left the car in neutral, and she also didn't apply the handbrake. The car rolled forward and knocked into the wall."

Despite her best efforts to jump back in, the driver falls to the ground and is forced to watch as her Bentley smashes into a wall. To make matters worse, the owner of the car park has demanded the driver pay for the damage she caused.

That was one very expensive mistake...

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