Clarkson causes controversy by showing how to smuggle someone through border control

It may only be in its first series, but Clarkson, Hammond and May have already caused plenty of controversy in The Grand Tour.

Firstly, they killed the Queen in a Call Of Duty-esque skit, with a host of other celebrities also meeting their ends in the series so far.
Now, in the fourth episode, Clarkson has caused perhaps the biggest controversy of all, after demonstrating how to smuggle an immigrant into the UK.

While sparking laughter from the audience in the show tent, which was located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, the scene has since drawn mixed reviews, with some viewers criticising the presenters and branding the demonstration irresponsible.

The scene begins with Clarkson presenting a monologue from the tent's stage.

"When immigrants try to get into the country, they always come in the back of a container lorry," he comments.

"And I always think that is the world's worst game of hide and seek. Because if you work for homeland security, or what's it called here, Border Force, you open the doors and go 'Well, there you are.

"But I was thinking the other day, surely there must be a better way of getting into Britain.

"And I think I've worked it out."

The 56-year-old then summons co-presenter James May, asking him to bring the car – an Audi TT Quattro – into the tent.

After telling the studio audience that Richard Hammond is somewhere in the car, he gives them a minute to find him.

The gaggle of spectators have no luck in locating Hammond and so, asking May to help him, Clarkson pulls the rear bumper from the white car to reveal Hammond tied to the inside.

"The amazing thing is – it's not just Audi TTs – almost any car has that much space if you want to do a spot of people smuggling." Clarkson concludes, as Hammond quips "it's not that much space, just to be clear".

The makers of the show are yet to respond to criticisms of the stunt, which came in an episode in which Clarkson also built a car from raw meat and animal fur.
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