Group of cyclists crash after hitting car

Dramatic footage shows the moment a group of cyclists were sent sprawling to the floor when they came face-to-face with a corner-cutting motorist.

Caught on the trailing rider's helmet camera, the clips shows the group cycling down a tree-lined street, thought to be somewhere in California.

As they round a right-hand bend, they come across a people carrier, which hits the first cyclist and sends him flying into the air. The pursuing riders try to avoid the car and their crashed companion, but to no avail.

As the second and fourth riders collide with the first, the third rider is seen veering off towards the opposite side of the road.

None of the cyclists are believed to have been seriously injured in the accident, but the car's front left-hand headlight appears to be smashed, and its bonnet buckled.

It is unknown when the crash took place and whether police are investigating.

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