Matt Terry's advice to next year's X Factor hopefuls? He says: 'Hopefully you get Nicole'

Newly crowned X Factor winner Matt Terry said his victory felt "overwhelming" but also "amazing".

The 23-year-old waiter from Bromley beat Finnish singer Saara Aalto to clinch the coveted title during Sunday night's final.

He appeared on ITV2´s The Xtra Factor alongside his mentor Nicole Scherzinger for his first interview shortly after his win.

He told the show's hosts, Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson, he could not believe "this is happening to me".

Matt Terry won the X Factor
Matt Terry won the X Factor

Matt said: "It's so overwhelming, I can't believe this is happening to me. It's something I've waited for, for such a long time, it's so amazing, thank you so much."

This year's winner's single, When Christmas Comes Around, has been written by Ed Sheeran.

He praised Nicole and said he had "hit the jackpot" being able to work with her.

"For me, since day one she's been there with open arms and made me feel I could go to her with anything. She's like 'I'm your big sister' and it's so refreshing to have that because I hit the jackpot with you (Nicole)," he said.

Fans called in to ask Matt questions, with the last caller asking him what his advice to hopefuls for next year would be.

He said: "Honestly, man, do it and do it with all of your heart. Be yourself and show all of your personality, just give it everything you have and hopefully you get Nicole."

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