Lorry driver crashes into car that 'undertook' him

Roshina Jowaheer
HGV crash in Devon
HGV crash in Devon

The moment a lorry driver crashed into the side of a car which 'undertook' him on a quiet road in Devon has divided social media users after a video was uploaded on YouTube.

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Footage shows the moment the HGV moves to the right side of his lane in preparation to turn left.

As he goes to make the manoeuvre, a small green Rover attempts to fly past and the two vehicles crash.

The lorry driver posted the video online and asked YouTube viewers: "Can I ask if I'm at fault please?

"Turning left into a tight drive, I used some of the right hand side lane. Started indicating 100 yards before and travelling at 15mph when I was undertaken and made contact!"

Many took to the comments section of the video to defend him.

One wrote: "The lorry is NOT at fault, as long as they used correct indication. It also looked like to me that the car was driving in-excess of the permitted speed limit. "

Another viewer said: "You must check those mirrors before starting the turn. That being said, the car is at fault as he should not have been attempting to scoot between the truck and the curb; even if the truck had been making a right turn. The vehicle overtaking is responsible for a safe maneuver (sic). "

However, one user wrote: "Equally to blame. 1) Car driver should have realised something strange was happening. He should have hung-back/stopped until the van had either stopped itself, to let him pass, or had completed its manoeuvre. 2) Van driver should have been aware that his manoeuvre could be misinterpreted, and should have stopped to allow the following car to come to a halt, or to pass on its way."