Land Rover designs festive cabin to fit in Discovery Sport

British manufacturer Land Rover has shown off how spacious its Discovery Sport compact SUV really is by designing a flat-pack Christmas cabin that can fit in the boot.

The cleverly designed cabin has enough space to sleep two adults and can be used in temperatures as low as -20ºC.Land Rover's team of engineers filled up the 1,698 litres of storage space inside a Discovery Sport including the cup holders, glove box and rear storage space to take all the parts and decorations for the small structure.

The hut was tested in Land Rover's very own cold-climate testing chamber by mountaineer Kenton Cool, before being transported to a secret location to be put up.

After testing the cabin, Cool said: "There is a growing trend for off-grid living and 'wilderness cabins' and only Land Rover could create a 'go anywhere' cabin like this. The design is cleverly engineered and incredibly robust, making it perfect for remote locations across the world."

Helen Ali, Land Rover's vehicle package team leader, said: "We wanted to create a Christmas cabin for Santa, in a truly Land Rover way. The spacious and versatile Discovery Sport was perfect for this project. The seats can be folded flat at the push of a button from the load space, which is wide and square and there are plenty of hidden storage spaces like the area under the front cup-holders.

"Building a cabin that utilised all these features was a lot of fun. We could have built this in one of our bigger models, but we wanted to prove just how versatile the baby of the Discovery family truly is."

Packaging engineer Muhammed Malik, who helped design and assemble the cabin, said: "Anything that wears the Land Rover badge has to be capable and versatile, with beautiful, simple design. Our cabin also had to be sustainable and easily transportable. We are used to working with VIP clients at Land Rover, but this was definitely one of the most unusual."

Land Rover designs festive cabin to fit in Discovery Sport
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Land Rover designs festive cabin to fit in Discovery Sport

Written by Jack Healy
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