Hotel sacks staff over killing of cat

Ruth Doherty
Hotel sacks staff over killing of cat
Hotel sacks staff over killing of cat

A hotel has apologised after claims a young cat that strayed into its kitchen was bludgeoned to death.

The RSPCA interviewed members of staff after it was claimed the feral kitten strayed into the kitchen looking for food, where it became trapped and peed.

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It is said that staff put it in a plastic bag before beating it to death with a rolling pin.

The hotel denied the cat had been killed with a rolling pin.

Bosses at the Royal Oak Hotel in Betwys-y-Coed, north Wales, admitted the kitten was killed, but initially said in a statement on Facebook that it had been 'humanely euthanised'.

The statement has now been deleted. But, according to the Metro, it read: "It is with regret that the feral cat was humanely euthanised as lawfully provided for when dealing with an animal legally classified as vermin."

However, bosses have now sacked two members of staff involved in the incident, and have apologised for not doing so earlier.

Speaking to the Daily Post, hotel manager Glenn Evans said: "We messed up - easy as that - we are deeply sorry and we are embarrassed that we didn't deal with the situation as quickly as we should have.

"We were waiting for the RSPCA to get back to us and we shouldn't have waited, we should have just dealt with the two individuals concerned in the incident."

The RSPCA will continue its investigation with the two individuals concerned.

Mr Evans added: "The individuals involved did not follow company policy or procedures and at no time sought our advice, they acted independently of any company or regulatory instruction.

"We know it will take a lot of hard work to regain the public's confidence in us. We are very sorry we didn't deal with this incident in the appropriate manner in the first instance and take full responsibility for that."