Dog attacked by horse 'lucky to survive'

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Amazing photos show stallion chasing dog
Amazing photos show stallion chasing dog

Think you've had a ruff day? This poor pooch narrowly escaped death after being chased by a wild stallion.

It was a close call for Maggie, an English Setter, who was set upon by the angry horse.

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The two-year-old pet looked petrified as it ran towards the safety of owner and wildlife photographer Rob Palmer, who impressively captured the heart-stopping moment.

Maggie was helping Rob's falcon hunt for sage-grouse in the Red Desert, Wyoming, USA when they stumbled across the herd.

Stallion chases terrified dog
Stallion chases terrified dog

Thankfully Maggie was unharmed.

Rob, 63, said: "I was really scared for my dog as there was nothing I could do to help.

"So I took the photos anyway as it's a reflex action after so many years of photography.

"I was extremely relieved that Maggie didn't get hurt.

"She's a wonderful dog.

"I'm always photographing wildlife events, this was not planned at all but sometimes you take what you can get."