Disadvantaged young people 'lack skills to find jobs online'


Disadvantaged young people are being held back in the digital world as they prefer to apply for jobs in person, a report shows.

Research by The Prince's Trust found that half of youngsters not in work, education or training did not trust anyone they dealt with online.

They preferred to apply for jobs in person, partly because of a lack of follow-up messages from employers contacted via emails.

Young people out of work were also being held back in the digital world by their lack of "softer" social skills, said the report.

Martina Milburn, chief executive at The Prince's Trust, said: "We need to dispel the myth that all millennials know how to make the most of the digital world.

"Many disadvantaged young people, as this research shows, are not achieving positive outcomes online, in particular when it comes to education or employment.

"The findings show that a lot of young people struggle with social interactions online. We should ensure that these softer social skills, including safeguarding, are included in training programmes."