Top tips on Christmas shopping from Watchdog

Rosie Vare
Christmas shopping tips
Christmas shopping tips

Worried about buying presents for family and friends this festive season?

Don't panic! The presenters from Watchdog have given us the lowdown on how to shop this Christmas, take a look and make the most of your money in 2016.

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- If you pay by credit card you are protected by the Consumer Credit Act if the item cost more then £100. It could make the difference.

- Take your smartphone with you. It's always good to check online with the prices on the website as well as the prices instore.

- Also look out for those sneaky delivery charges because they can bump up your cost.

- Don't drink mulled wine and then do you Christmas shopping but DO make a list and then do your shopping!

- If you're online shopping then look for a promo code. When you get to the checkout, before you type in your card details, have a quick look on search engines and see if there are any voucher codes out there for that company.

- We all love to call friends and family at Christmas but if you're going to do it, do it via an app and try and hook onto some wifi because it's just so much cheaper!

- Buying your batteries at the checkout as you leave could be the most expensive way of doing it. Instead stock up in advance from places where you know they're going to be cheap.

- If you're travelling by train to see family or friends over the Christmas period save yourself a lot of money - book early, make sure you get your tickets now and then you can save yourself a lot more money.