Mel C gets flak after posting pic of herself wearing very little on Instagram

Mel C has been accused of hypocrisy after posing nearly naked on her Instagram page.

The former Spice Girl donned a pair of pants in the snap and crossed her arms over her chest.

But after she was quoted as saying that Little Mix should stay as they were, instead of taking on a sexy image, some took exception to the photo.

Mel C
Mel C (Ian West/PA)

"Cheeky little cover shoot tomorrow. Better get my work pants ready!," she wrote alongside the image.

"I'm convinced you are going through a midlife crisis....You slate selling 'sex' in your words to sell but here you are," one person wrote.

Little Mix at V Festival 2016
Little Mix (PA)

Another added: "Little Mix don't wear their outfits to be sexy. They do it because they feel comfortable in them.... So tell me, why did Mel post this picture? What was her reasoning? To show off her body?"

Others rallied around the singer:

"Don't listen to the haters Melanie! You are beautiful with your body! I really love your body! You didn't say nasty things about Little Mix."

Another fan added: "She posted this to show off her physique probably. No different from female bodybuilders but instead of a bra, she just has her arms covering her breasts. This photo doesn't convey sex to me."

Mel had previously been quoted as saying of Little Mix: "They are all gorgeous and great singers. But they weren't sexy and it's got more and more that way. I love them - but I just say, 'Stay you'."

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