Best-tasting turkey gravy ever

Annabel Else
Turkey dinner
Turkey dinner

If you've ever arrived late to a roast meal to find that some of it's gone already, you'll know that the two parts of the meal that really count are the roasties and the gravy. Without those, well... it just isn't roast is it? At Christmas, you can manage without turkey or sprouts if you have to, but not gravy. A good gravy doesn't just complete the meal, it makes it.

There are two great ways to make your own delicious Christmas gravy. One is to make it in advance, and the other can be done on the day itself. Some people find it less stressful to make it beforehand and reheat with the lovely pan juices, but others prioritise making fresh gravy just before serving. It's just a matter of personal preference based on the number of chefs you want in the kitchen at a busy time.

In the video above, Gordon Ramsay takes every chance he can to pack in as much flavour as possible. He's using a bird that he's prepared and cooked himself, so it's worth watching that video first if you want to see the whole process.

Happy Christmas!

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