This funky Lexus IS is covered in 40,000 LEDs that react to music

Lexus has unveiled a fascinating new light project, which involved attaching 41,999 programmable LEDs to the exterior of an IS.

Dubbed 'LIT IS', the car was created for use in a music video for Dua Lipa's song 'Be The One'. The Lexus is at the centre of the video's storyline and was designed to act as a 'visual anchor'.
To transform the car, the LEDs were stuck on by hand and can be programmed to broadcast graphics or respond to gestures and music.

Brian Bolain, Lexus general manager of product and consumer marketing, said: "A car as visually striking as the LIT IS required an equally dramatic debut.

"A music video was a perfect place to launch the LIT IS and working with Dua Lipa allowed the concept to come to life, putting a spotlight on the Lexus IS in an entirely new way."

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