The only four destinations where your cash will go further this year

Sarah Coles
Pound goes further in sharm el sheikh egypt
Pound goes further in sharm el sheikh egypt

The pound has had a torrid year, collapsing against the vast majority of world currencies. However, there are four exceptions to the rule - where your money will go further than last year, and the most striking example is Egypt - where it's up 86%.

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Figures from No1 Currency generally make for depressing reading - revealing that sterling has fallen against 46 of the 50 most common global currencies in 2016. Many people will be aware that it has fallen almost 18% against both the Euro, and the US dollar, but it has performed even more depressingly against other countries.

Worst of all is Iceland - where the pound is down almost 30%. This is followed by Brazil, where it is down 27%, Japan where it has fallen 25%, and New Zealand where it has fallen 22%.

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At the other end of the spectrum, however, things are looking much rosier for travellers. Egypt in particular will see your pound go far further - up 86%. It will also go 32% further in Argentina, 29% further in Venezuela (although money is a nightmare for tourists in Venezuela thanks to runaway inflation and shortages) and 3% further in Mexico.

It makes Egypt a particularly attractive destination for bargain-conscious travellers, and was one reason why it was a popular destination for travel companies to discount during Black Friday.


Of course, you need to be aware of the risk of travel to the area. There are heightened terror concerns after a plane was brought down over Sharm El Sheikh, and the airport is still closed to package holidaymakers.

However, the Foreign Office emphasises that it is only warning against flying to Sharm El Sheikh. The area itself is considered suitable for travellers, and there are plenty of areas deemed suitable for tourists, including the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, as well as tourist areas along the Nile. It adds that around 865,000 Brits visited Egypt in 2015, and most visits are trouble-free.

It adds, however that: "There is a high threat from terrorism in Egypt. Terrorists continue to plan and conduct attacks. Further attacks are likely. Most terrorist attacks target the security forces, but it's likely that foreigners, including tourists, will also be targeted", so travellers need to decide whether they are prepared for this risk before they book.


However, if you decide you're happy, then there are some great bargains available. Last month the government launched a discount drive to tempt travellers back - with up to 50% of package holidays to popular resorts.

If you can travel outside school holidays, has an 8-day break starting on 9 December at the Sunny Days El Palacio Resort and Spa (which rates well on TripAdvisor) for £241 per person for room and flight - or £311 all-inclusive. To put that in context, you'd struggle to get a hotel and a flight to Prague for this money.

Easyjet also has bargain breaks for seven nights starting on 10 December at the Al Nabila Grand Makadi for £351.06 per person (all inclusive)

Even if you are tied to the school holidays, Lastminute is offering an 8-day break from 20th December, to Sunny Days El Palacio Resort and Spa for £908 per person for room and flight - or £957 all-inclusive

But what do you think? Are you tempted by the price, or worried by the risks? Let us know in the comments.