Injured baby rhino rescued after shooting

A rescue team in South Africa saved an eight-month-old female baby rhino that was shot by poachers outside of the Kruger National Park.

The Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary received a call in late November about the creature's plight at a reserve in the Mpumalanga region.

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The same poachers are suspected to have killed the rhino's mother.

The search for the baby had been hampered due to heavy rain, but after eight days the calf was spotted alive by a search team in a helicopter.

"The rhino is doing surprisingly well. She's drinking milk already, and we are very confident in her recovery. It's extremely uncommon for a baby to survive for 8 days without her mother's milk, but she somehow did," Gary Schneider of Working With Rhinos told Reuters.

According to the website, since 2008 at least 5,940 rhinos have been killed by poachers.

Pictures of baby rhinos
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Pictures of baby rhinos
Ailsa, a six week old baby White Rhino, at Drummond Safari park near Stirling, Scotland. Mother "Dot" one of Blair Drummond Safari Parks White Rhinos gave birth to her second calf as part of the European Breeding Programme. Staff were alerted to the birth by an individual who had phoned in from Cyprus after following Dot's pregnancy on the Rhino Web Cam on the safari web site.
This orphan is being fed by a carer at Imire Game Farm, Zimbabwe, after its mother was killed by poachers.
Komala, the 8 week old baby Greater One Horned Rhino, the first to be born at Chester Zoo in 80 years, takes her first steps outside.

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