Boots glitch offers massive savings on Sanctuary products

Sarah Coles
Boots glitch on Sanctuary products
Boots glitch on Sanctuary products

Sanctuary toiletries at Boots are available at a huge reduction, after a glitch on the website gave an even bigger discount than had been advertised. The bargains were spotted by deal hunters around breakfast time, and the glitch was still working at the time of writing.

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The glitch was spotted by users of The Sanctuary sets are currently available at 25% off, and are also part of a promotion offering three items for the price of two. One deal hunter was planning to buy a gift by stacking the two deals, and discovered a glitch providing an even bigger discount.

The original poster decided to buy a 'relax and stay' gift set. The original price was £18, and after the reduction it was £13.50. Under the two deals, she was expecting to spend £27, but was actually charged £22.50.

We tried the deal out by loading up the basket with three 'Escape and Let Go' sets. The original price is £16, the price after the 25% discount is £12, so the price for three ought to have come in at £24 (as you only pay for two). Instead we were charged £20.

It appears, therefore, that when the 'three for two' deal is calculated, the system is removing the full price rather than the discounted one (in this case (£12 x 3) - £16 = £20).

A flurry of deal-hunters commented on the deal, expressing delight at the sums they were saving, and highlighting that this was a great way to buy bargain gifts for their children's teachers.

Will they honour the deal?

Because the deal is only available online, nobody has picked up their bargains yet, so there's a chance that Boots will cancel the orders made with the glitch. When you first order, you receive a message saying that it will be reviewed internally before being placed. You then receive a confirmation of your order - which have been emailed to the deal-hunters already.

However, this doesn't mean that Boots will have to deliver the items at the discount quoted. Only when the goods are in your hands - or in the post - is the transaction complete and the price agreed.

The good news is that it has honoured these mistakes before. It honoured orders using a combination of deals on Sanctuary products that took 58% off the total price in 2013.

Some of those ordering point out that they may as well try, as there's nothing to lose.

It only leaves one question to ask yourself: do you really need three Sanctuary toiletry sets in your life?