BMW driver uses burst water main as free car wash

A cheeky BMW driver has been filmed taking advantage of a massive water leak to wash his car.

A burst water pipe on Great Francis Street, Birmingham, sent a jet of water 20 feet into the air yesterday. As most motorists took evasive action and stunned onlookers called the authorities, one BMW driver seized his opportunity.
Passers-by filmed the 3 Series saloon parking underneath the flowing water, with the driver apparently grabbing the chance to clean his car for free.

After a brief stop, the driver pulls away slowly, turning on his wipers, which valiantly attempt to clear the copious amounts of water left on the windscreen.

Local news reports claim that after the BMW driver left, other motorists joined in the fun and grabbed an impromptu car wash.

Severn Trent sent a repair team to the area, with the local fire and rescue service confirming the water had been turned off by mid-afternoon.

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