World's largest Christmas cake arrives in Germany

Rosie Vare

In Dresden, thousands are celebrating what must be the sweetest day of the year: the arrival of the largest Christmas cake in the world.

This year, the famous rum and fruit confection weighs more than 28-hundred kilograms, more than 63-hundred pounds.

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It took 60 bakers a week to prepare.

This man came all the way from Berlin to get a slice...

Christian Berger, a visitor from Berlin, said: "It is definitely worth the crowding and the pushing, because it is really delicious. Really. There's no stollen in Berlin that can compare."

Meanwhile, in Munich, families on a special Christmas steam train found more than a ride.

St. Nicholas, who traditionally visits German children on December 5th, came aboard to hand out sweets a little early.

Some were surprised to see him, but all were delighted.

Karin Engel said: "My son loves trains, and he'd never met Nicholas before, so he's definitely enjoying it. It's a wonderful experience."

Peter Loeffler said: "It was totally great, a total surprise. Something like that happens seldom, in a train with Nicholas."

St. Nicholas was accompanied by Krampus, who punishes children who misbehave.

But he had little to do on this train, so he helped St. Nicholas hand out chocolates instead.